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Title: We only need each other - We only want each other [Kaito/Kouta]
Fandom: Kamen Rider Gaim
Pairings/Characters: Kumon Kaito/Kazuraba Kouta, implied Sengoku Ryoma/Kureshima Takatora
Rating: R-18
Warnings: This is porn. Also kink warnings: sex pollen, voyeurism, might be implied dub-con
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine.
A/N: Another re-post from AO3. I'm working on a series of Gaim smut prompts (also taking requests, if you have one). Stupid fruit idiots.

The prompts were: sex pollen and voyeurism

[mousapelli: this is Banana/Orange (see icon for reference)... and Lemon/Melon]

Kouta groaned softly when Kaito rocked up against him. He didn’t even make an effort to be quiet - he doubted anyone would hear them here, somewhere in the middle of Helheim - but most of the sound was swallowed by the other’s lips on his anyway.

Kissing Kaito felt like fire. It felt like a battle, all heat and power. It was a struggle to keep up, it took effort to take control. Kouta liked it. He liked to work for things, to earn them, to win with his own power. He liked the way he and Kaito moved together, the way they were pressed close, the way their hands were impatiently tearing off their clothes.

At least right now. Although really, he seemed to like everything right now. Everything Kaito did. How the other was making him feel. And how he was making the other feel. If the sounds Kaito was making were any indication.

They broke away from each other and Kouta moaned shamelessly when he felt the other’s hot mouth, lips and tongue on his neck instead.

“Fuck, Kaito!”

No, that hadn’t come out quite right. So Kouta tried again.

“Fuck me, Kaito.”

His fingers finally managed to undo all of the buttons on Kaito’s shirt and Kouta tossed it aside to join Kaito’s coat and vest as well as Kouta’s own vest and shirt.

A small cloud of glittery yellow and pink dust was whirled up when the shirt hit the ground.

The same almost sickeningly sweet dust that had covered Kaito and Kouta a few moments ago. The dust Kaito was licking off Kouta’s skin right now.

“Are you sure you can take it, Kazuraba?” Kaito asked darkly. “Can you handle me?”

“Damn well I can. Let me prove it to you. Bring it on!” Kouta growled and threaded his fingers into Kaito’s hair to pull him into yet another fierce and passionate kiss. At the same time Kouta rocked his hips down against Kaito’s, making them both groan as their cocks rubbed against each other through their pants.

Those needed to go. Now.

Kouta practically jumped up and started to undo his belt and jeans. is eyes briefly flickered over to where Kaito was stepping out of his slacks, which had effortlessly glided onto the floor the moment he’d unbuttoned and unzipped them. Kouta had missed how the other had gotten rid of his underwear. Kaito was openly leering at Kouta now.

“Need help, Kazuraba?”

He was about to protest but his words got stuck in his throat when Kaito unceremoniously shoved a hand down his jeans and briefs to fist his cock. His legs threatened to give in but a tree behind him kept Kouta from falling. As did his arms, which had wrapped themselves around Kaito’s lean, muscular body.

“Keep going.” He whispered and then reached down with one of his own hands to wrap his fingers around Kaito’s half-hard cock as well, giving it a few tentative strokes.

The growl Kaito made in response reverberated through Kouta’s body and went straight down to his groin. It encouraged Kouta to pump Kaito with a little bit more vigour.

Just jerking each other off wasn’t enough though. Kouta managed to wiggle out of the rest of his clothes somehow and threw Kaito a meaningful look. He didn’t need words to convey what he wanted to say. The lust, the desire, the want, the need had taken over his whole being right now. Nothing else was on his mind.

Kaito bit down on Kouta’s collarbone, almost defiantly, as if telling him not to order him around but then complied nonetheless. The other had braced himself against the tree behind Kouta with his free hand, grabbing some moss or leaves or whatever that was growing on it. When he pulled his hand away again now, something thick and slippery was coating his fingers. He looked at it for a moment and smirked.

“This will do nicely.”

“For wha-ooh!” Kouta threw his head back when Kaito suddenly hoisted one of his legs up and proceeded to push a finger inside him.

“That.” Kaito deadpanned. He pulled his finger out again, almost all the way, and pushed it back it back in, deeper this time and repeated the motion again and again before adding a second finger and the same cycle started anew.

Kouta focused his energy on keeping himself upright, keeping himself pressed closely against the other. As closely as possible. Kaito pushing him into the tree behind him helped with that somewhat.

He whined softly when Kaito pulled his fingers out again but the other didn’t leave him a lot of time to mourn the loss. The fingers were soon replaced by Kaito’s hot, throbbing cock.

“Fuck, you’re tight, Kazuraba.”

His attempts to say something in return either failed or ended up coming out as moans but then Kouta got himself under control again. At least enough to talk. It was getting difficult to think and not just feel, not just succumb to the heat and the pleasure. “You know, Kazuraba is a mouthful. So how about you stop calling me that?”

“I call you whatever I want, Kazuraba...Kouta.”

When the other said his name like that, voice deep and dripping with lust, Kouta had to keep himself from coming right then and there and embarrassing the hell out of himself. But shit, that sounded so good. Maybe it was a good idea that the other didn’t call him that on a regular basis. Kouta wouldn’t have enough willpower to keep himself in check all the time.

Both of Kouta’s legs wrapped themselves around Kaito now and all other attempts at talking went to hell. Words were unnecessary now. Everything that didn’t feel good was unimportant. Everyone who wasn’t Kaito did not exist. The world narrowed down to the two of them and their bodies.

Kaito wasn’t so much rough as he was thorough. His thrusts were strong, well aimed and purposeful. It was driving Kouta crazy. Crazy in a good way. A very good way.

Kouta tried to move against the other, using his weight for leverage and taking advantage of their positions.

They came hard and fast, their senses overloading with pleasure.

Somewhere at the back of his mind, Kouta knew that there had been something unnatural about the whole thing but he was too far gone now to think about it.

When their strength left them, Kaito and Kouta collapsed onto a bed of vines, completely spent and barely conscious anymore. More vines crept over them and covered them like a blanket. Kouta didn’t have the brainpower to think about the strange behaviour of the plants. He tried to make a mental note of it but slipped off into darkness soon.


Ryoma had been checking the recordings of the Helheim surveillance system as he usually did when he stumbled across a particularly interesting video, which he deleted from the main servers immediately and filed away in his private database.

Leaning back on his chair, Ryoma smirked. He was getting some nice data out of this. Up until now he hadn’t really been able to examine this particular trait of the Helheim plant properly. At least, its effect on humans. He had tried with a couple of his lab rats in secret.

The effects of the fruit were something almost everyone knew about by now but nobody had paid particular interest to the flowers. They hadn’t been classified as dangerous after all.

Although Ryoma wasn’t sure he completely agreed with that.

Especially now, after watching the footage.

Then again, ‘dangerous’ probably depended on how one defined that term. It was open for interpretation after all. And everything could be interpreted in several ways.

Once the data had been properly recorded and analysed, Ryoma walked over to one of his test tubes and plucked one of the Helheim flowers off one of the vines snaking around inside of its semi-secure glass prison.

He twirled the delicate looking blossom between his fingers with a smile. The smile turned into a grin when he heard the door to the lab open and close again.

“What is it, Ryoma? You said you wanted to show me something.” Takatora walked in.

Rising from his chair, Ryoma did a little turn as he passed Takatora and flipped the lock of the door before turning back around. “I did. It’s really interesting.” He lifted the flower and then blew a small cloud of the pollen right into Takatora’s face. The other coughed - getting some of the pollen onto Ryoma as well.

“What is this?”

“You should feel it very soon.” Ryoma grinned and flicked the flower aside. He sure was.


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