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[Requests/Prompts] Red Pocket Special's going to be lunar new years soon (3rd February to be exact) and I thought in light of that and in light of me finishing my multi-part fic soon, I thought I'd give all of you the opportunity to request fics/drabbles from me. They'll be dealt with in a similar way as the Halloween Trick or Drabble thing we had on je100.

So, I have the following things in my red pockets to distribute:

- Kis-My-Ft2
- Mis Snow Man
- Kanju
- THEY Budou and Yara

I am willing to try other stuff if I can find inspiration for of the abovementioned groups with a 'senior' group or a person from there is also allowed (e.g. Yamapi x Kitayama or Kame x Nabesho's nipples...)

Give me requests and give me prompts. I shall be waiting ♥

P.S.: Don't know until when I get the stuff done but I will try to do so until one week from now.

P.P.S.: Multiple requests per person allowed but don't overdo it!
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