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[One-Shot] In Vino Veritas

Title: In Vino Veritas
Fandom: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
Pairings/Characters: Ian Yorkland/Rippukan Souji, Kiryu Daigo/Utsusemimaru, implied and not explicit Kiryu Daigo/Ian Yorkland
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Nothing too explicit, most stuff is glossed over but still explicit enough I guess. Rated for a mature audience?
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine.
A/N: I know I haven't posted anything JE related here since the start of the new year. Yes, that's how deep down in the rabbit hole I am, you can't even imagine. I did post a Snow Man blurb over on Shiritori though, so uh, not completely out of fandom, no worries.

Go HERE for my AO3 account.

This is for mousapelli

It had all started harmlessly enough. To celebrate their latest victory against the Deboss Legion as well as for a sort of ‘housewarming party’, Utsusemimaru had brought some fine sake and traditional Japanese snacks to the Spirit Base. With Torin having moved on to being a Spirit, Utsusemimaru was the only permanent resident of it now.

Amy had excused herself quickly - despite the holidays, she had to watch her studies or risk another ‘Gentle Day’ and she also had her part-time job at the Tiger Boy still. Nobuharu had stuck around a bit longer but had also excused himself early to go back to his family.

This left Utsusemimaru, Daigo, Ian and Souji.

The latter had been nursing his usual melon cream soda while the older three - plus Nobuharu - had finished the first small bottle of sake.

“Souji-dono, you should drink with us as well.” Utsusemimaru smiled. “As a warrior, it is your right to properly celebrate a victory.”

“I can’t, Ucchi. I’m not old enough to drink yet.” Souji shook his head. “It’s okay.”

“Don’t be such a goody two shoes, Boy.” Ian grinned. “And by Ucchi’s standards, you’re more than qualified to drink.” He looked at the samurai. “Isn’t he?”

Utsusemimaru nodded. “That is right, Ian-dono.”

“What do you mean?” Souji looked at the male to his left.

Ian looked back at Souji. “Genpuku. It’s the old coming of age ceremony. Never heard of it from your dad or maybe grandfather?” When Souji shook his head, Ian continued, “The genpuku ceremony marked the passing from childhood to adulthood. For a samurai that was the day he received his sword and armor and was expected to take part in battles.”

Daigo caught on and grinned brightly. “Yeah, you definitely qualify. The day you became KyoryuGreen was when you became an adult. And if that’s not enough, Torin gave you his sword, didn’t he? He acknowledged you as an adult, definitely!”

“You even graduated from your ‘child-name’ to an adult one.” Ian snickered.

“I don’t think going from calling me Green Boy to Boy really counts.” Souji shot Ian a dirty look at the memory.

Utsusemimaru smiled. “I insist, Souji-dono. Let me drink with you as a brother in arms. Please do me the honour.” He filled another sake cup for Souji and handed it to him.

“I-” Souji still didn’t look very sure but then Ian leaned over and whispered something into his ear. His cheeks went red and he shoved a laughing Ian away from him again before he lifted the cup. “Well then. It’ll be my honor to drink with you.” He addressed Utsusemimaru.

The samurai’s face lit up with an even brighter smile and Utsusemimaru lifted his own cup as he inclined his head towards Souji. “It is an honor, Souji-dono.”

Souji brought the cup to his lips.

“Drink slowly, Boy.” Ian advised, grinning.

“That’s brave, Souji.” Daigo gave their youngest a thumbs up.

So that had been the first cup of sake.

A few cups later - Souji seemed to have inherited a good tolerance for sake from his ancestors - things started to get a little heated up.

“So, in exchange for partaking in one of your customs,” Souji looked at Utsusemimaru, “How about you also take part in a modern one? I’ll teach you.”

Daigo and Ian looked at each other, Ian raising an eyebrow and Daigo shrugging with a bright grin on his face as if saying ‘let’s go for it’.

“Of course! What kind of custom is it, Souji-dono?” Utsusemimaru asked.

“It’s less of a custom and more of a game.” Souji said. “It’s called Truth or Dare. A person is picked at random, for example by spinning a bottle, and then has to choose either revealing a truth or doing a dare. Whoever starts the game or whoever just finished their task will be the one to ask the truth question or decide on a dare.”

Ian chuckled quietly to himself. “So there IS a bit of normal teenager in him after all.”

“This game requires quite a lot of bravery, Ucchi.” Daigo ‘warned’. “I’m all for it!”

“Since you’re new to this, you can start, Ucchi.” Souji placed an empty sake bottle onto the floor - Utsusemimaru had somehow managed to bring in tatami mats and now a whole room in the Spirit base was basically Japanese style.

“Alright. I accept this challenge, Souji-dono.” Utsusemimaru nodded.

Ian grinned. “It’s alright to involve other people by the way. So it doesn’t have to be something one person can do by himself.”

“I see. Thank you for the clarification.” Utsusemimaru then took the bottle and gave it a spin. It landed on Souji.

“How fitting.” Daigo grinned. When Utsusemimaru didn’t say anything, he prompted, “You have to ask ‘truth or dare’, Ucchi. You want to find out what Souji-kun wants to pick, right? Only then can you ask a question or dare him to do something.”

“Ah, of course.” Utsusemimaru nodded. “Truth or dare, Souji-dono?”

Shrugging, Souji replied, “Dare.”

“Brave!” Daigo complimented.

“Let’s see,” Utsusemimaru thought for a moment. “How about you exchange garments with Ian-dono? Just your upper garments are fine.”

“Clothes, Ucchi. Wouldn’t really call these garments.” Daigo laughed.

“Aw, so harmless.” Ian chuckled and looked at Souji. “Well then, Boy?”

“Alright.” Souji got up and took off his uniform blazer before he started to undo his necktie and unbutton his shirt.

The dare had been quite harmless but Daigo found himself watching with interest as the other two stripped. And so did Utsusemimaru. After all their teammates were rather nice to look at to say the least. There was plenty to admire.

Utsusemimaru chuckled when he saw Ian in parts of Souji’s uniform. It brought back memories - and really Ian’s normal hair looked a lot nicer with the uniform.

As for Souji.

“That actually looks good on you.” Daigo crossed his arms. “Or is it just because we haven’t seen you in clothes that weren’t your uniform that often?”

“Thanks.” Souji sat down again. Then he blinked. “Ah, do we need to change back?”

“Nah, keep it on for now, Boy. I know you like wearing it.” Ian smirked.

Souji coughed and then spun the bottle. “King. Truth or dare?”

“I keep no secrets from my friends. I’ll go with truth!” Daigo grinned widely and crossed his arms in front of his chest in a challenging gesture. “Give me your best shot, Souji!”

“Would you say that you prefer being dominant in bed or are you more of the type who likes if someone else takes control?” Souji asked casually.

Utsusemimaru blinked. “Souji-dono! Something so personal-”

“It’s okay, Ucchi. That’s part of the game.” Ian reassured. “Also, what happens and is said here, stays here. We won’t tell anyone if you don’t want us to. I guess that’s an underlying agreement when you play this game. Unless you’re an ass of course.”

“I see. So it’s a code of honour. How very intriguing!” Utsusemimaru nodded. “I guess I still have much to learn.”

Daigo patted Utsusemimaru on the back with a grin before he turned back to look at Souji and hummed before he replied, “Little bit of both?” Daigo shrugged. “Don’t mind it if someone wants to take control but if they want me to do stuff, I won’t say no either.”

“Okay.” Souji seemed satisfied with that answer. It was a very Daigo answer.

“My turn then.” Daigo spun the bottle. “Oh, Ucchi! Truth or dare?”

“Let me go with truth for now.” Utsusemimaru decided. “For I shall also not keep secrets from my friends.”

Chuckling, Daigo asked, “Have you ever fantasized about one or more members on our team? And by that I mean in a sexual way.”

Utsusemimaru looked flustered but then nodded. “Yes.”

“Oh my.” Ian wiggled his eyebrows. His eyes flickered over to his left briefly.

“My turn.” Utsusemimaru said quickly and spun the bottle. “Ah, Ian-dono. Truth or dare?”

Ian hummed. “Since it’s you, Ucchi, let’s go with dare.”

“How about a kiss,” Souji suggested in between sips of sake. “This game usually has a lot of kissing in it. Don’t go easy on him, Ucchi. He’s challenging you.”

“I will accept your challenge, Ian-dono. A kiss it shall be then.” Utsusemimaru decided and looked at Ian. “With the person on the non-sword-hand side.”

It took Ian a moment to figure that one out and when he did, he looked into Daigo’s grinning face. “Oh my, someone’s eager. But I don’t mind.” He grinned back and then leaned over to share a slow and playful kiss with the leader of the group. It was rather obvious that the two of them were putting on a show for Utsusemimaru and Souji.

“King-dono, Ian-dono,” Utsusemimaru was at a loss for words. Souji had dropped his empty sake cup and it landed on the tatami with a soft thud.

Unfazed by Utsuemimaru’s astonished gasp, Daigo and Ian continue to kiss. At one point, Daigo’s hands were coming up from where they had been resting on the floor, to Ian’s hips, looking for the hem of the uniform shirt the other was still wearing.

Until a wooden sword blocked his way. “I think he said kiss, not grope.”

Souji was giving his leader a slightly sour look and withdrew his bokuto again slowly.

“Indeed I did.” Utsusemimaru nodded vigorously to emphasize the point.

Ian grinned and pulled away from Daigo. “You heard them, King. I guess that’s as far as you go.” Then he added in a playful tone, “For now.”

When they were done, Ian put ‘his’ clothes in order again before he reached out for the bottle and gave it a spin with a flick of his wrist. “Boy, truth or dare?”

“Dare,” came the prompt reply. The amused grin on Ian’s face made Souji look away, flustered and blushing. Had that been too quick and obvious? Probably. He blamed it on the alcohol in his system.

Ian chuckled lowly. “Someone wants a kiss, huh? Well then, person of your choice. And this time, anything goes.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

Souji’s hand snatched the tie around Ian’s neck and he yanked on it to pull Ian closer. The older male lost his balance and ended up straddling Souji’s lap as the teenager crushed their lips together in a fierce kiss. His hands, unlike Daigo’s, disappeared under Ian’s clothes very quickly, pulling the other even closer against him.

“This is quite an interesting custom. Uh, game.” Utsusemimaru blinked when Ian and Souji didn’t seem like they were going to stop making out any time soon. He raised an eyebrow when Souji seemed to unbutton the shirt Ian was wearing in less than five seconds flat. Then again, that was Souji’s own shirt and after wearing it every day the other probably had quite a bit of practice when it came to buttoning and unbuttoning it. “It is certainly showing me quite a few things about all of you which I did not know before.”

“Isn’t it?” Daigo grinned. “Never expected Souji to be the jealous type. Maybe he got a little bit more honest about his feelings with the help of this.” He poured Utsusemimaru some more sake.

Utsusemimaru returned the favour and refilled Daigo’s cup as well. “I am surprised that Ian-dono is going along with all of this. I certainly did not expect him to kiss you so willingly earlier. Neither did I expect him and Souji-dono to…” He waved his hand towards the pair’s general direction. Ian had gotten rid of the leather jacket and Souji’s t-shirt by now.

“I told you before that you don’t really know much about Ian. And no worries, there wasn’t anything to that kiss at all. Well, mostly. Ian isn’t unfaithful and wouldn’t betray- Wait, you didn’t know? Those two are totally into each other.” Daigo blinked. “Have been for a while actually. It wasn’t hard to notice. They’re about as subtle about it as KyoryuPink would be in a horde of Zorima. Although, well, this is the first time I’m actually seeing them at it.”

“No, I did not notice.” Utsusemimaru looked down.

Daigo flailed. He’d killed the mood. He had to fix that again. “Now uhm, they seem to have forgotten about us. How about we continue with just the two of us, Ucchi?”

“Just the two of us, King-dono?” Utsusemimaru tilted his head over slightly.

Tossing the cup back in one go, Daigo slammed it down again and with a nod. “Yeah. It’s your turn then. Truth or dare?”

“Let me go with truth once more.” Utsusemimaru decided but then regretted the choice immediately when he remembered the previous question.

Of course Daigo hadn’t forgotten about it. “So who have you been thinking about in a not so innocent way?” There was an almost predatory smirk on his lips.

“That would be...you, King-dono.” Utsusemimaru swallowed.

“Brave answer.” Daigo grinned. “That deserves a reward.” He not so subtly moved over to sit closer to Utsusemimaru, as close as he could without actually sitting in the other’s lap. “How about you do something you’ve been fantasizing about with me?”

“W-Where do I start.” Utsusemimaru licked his lips.

“Anywhere’s fine.” Daigo chuckled. “But I guess a kiss would be a start?”

“Ah, that is indeed a good idea.” Utsusemimaru smiled and then closed the gap between their lips.

The kiss was nice and slow, both of them enjoying it to the fullest - tasting each other, rubbing their tongues against each other. Daigo noticed that Utsusemimaru wasn’t a shy kisser at all. The other definitely had experience. He was rather considerate though, yielding to Daigo almost immediately every time Daigo pushed Utsusemimaru a little.

A rather loud moan from the other side of the room made them turn their heads and break the kiss again. Utsusemimaru’s eyes widened a little bit at the scene in front of them. Ian and Souji had apparently moved on from ‘just making out’ very quickly.

“What Souji is doing looks pretty good to me.” Daigo looked at the other pair with obvious interest. Neither Ian nor Souji were wearing any clothes anymore at this point and Souji was in Ian’s lap, riding the older male’s cock, bringing his hips down hard at a steady, slow pace. “I bet that feels amazing.”

Ian glanced over to Daigo and Utsusemimaru. “I am certainly not complaining. If Ucchi over there is not enough to handle you, you can come over here and I’ll take care of you, King.”

“Eyes on me, Ian.” Souji’s hand cupped Ian’s face and turned his head back around. “You shouldn’t be paying attention to anything else right now.”

“I’m starting to like this possessive streak of yours, Boy.” Ian’s ego was liking it for sure.

Daigo laughed. “Ah, there goes my chance. Not that I would’ve left you alone, Ucchi.” He smiled at the other. “Where does this leave us then? Have any ideas or requests? You can ask for anything. Don’t be shy.”

“It would most certainly be appropriate to worship your body in a position such as Souji-dono’s.” Utsusemimaru started, “But if I may voice this request, I think I’d like to take things a little slower. That is, if you do not mind, King-dono.”

“I just told you it’s fine!” Daigo made a face. “I would never make you do anything you’re not comfortable with!” He smiled and then tilted his head over. “So let’s stick with uhm, how would someone from your time put it? Ah, let’s just provide each other some shared comfort as fellow battle weary warriors. Or something like that.”

Utsusemimaru’s face lit up with a smile. “That would certainly be possible. And very much appreciated, King-dono.”

After some rearranging, of both their bodies and their clothes, Daigo ended up on top of Utsusemimaru with one of his hands on the samurai’s cock. Utsusemimaru’s strong fingers were wrapped around Daigo’s own. They felt each other up a little first, gauged the respective other’s reactions.

It didn’t come as a surprise to Daigo that Utsusemimaru matched his pace, following his lead once more. He didn’t comment on it though, merely filed the information away for later. For another time.

They stroked each other individually for a while, before Daigo moved his hips lower and wrapped his hand around himself and Utsusemimaru’s erections, rubbing them together. The action drew a surprised but also delighted gasp from Utsusemimaru’s mouth. A sound Daigo definitely wouldn’t mind hearing again.

Maybe it was because they had both been pretty worked up from the earlier shenanigans already but it didn’t take too long for them to come all over each other’s hands.

As they both came down again, Daigo kissed Utsusemimaru, riding out the last of his climax. To his delight, he found Utsusemimaru kissing him back with the same vigour.

When Daigo laid down on his side - his arm had threatened to give out and he hadn’t wanted to just slump down onto Utsusemimaru - he noticed how quiet things had gotten in the Spirit Base. He could hear heavy breathing only in addition to the soft sound of running water from the fountain in the other room.

It took a while until the sound of someone moving on the tatami could be heard.

A moment later, he felt a wet towel hit his face and he pulled it off to look up at Ian’s already clothed form. “Clean up? I don’t think you want to stay like that.” He gave Daigo a small grin and then proceeded to drop another towel onto Utsusemimaru’s face before moving over to clean Souji with the last one still in his hands.

“So thoughtful.” Daigo grinned and proceeded to wipe himself down and put his clothes back in order - or well, not all of them. He’d go to sleep soon, so there was no need to get fully dressed again. When he was done, he noticed that Ian and Souji were getting ready to leave. At least Ian was. Souji didn’t look capable of doing much anymore at this point really.

Ian was carrying a half-conscious Souji on his back. “I’m taking him back to my place for the night. There’s no way he won’t get himself into trouble back at his place like this. Plus, somebody will have to be there to nurse his first hangover.” He smiled at Daigo. “I assume you’re staying here tonight, King?”

“Yup.” Daigo smiled and then patted Ian’s shoulder. “Thank you, Ian. You’re a real friend.”

“Not like I didn’t get anything out of it.” Ian chuckled. “I learned more unexpected but interesting things about our boy here.” Souji smacked him weakly for that.

Laughing, Daigo mock-saluted to both of them. “Well, get back safely. I’ll see you around.”

When they were gone, Utsusemimaru asked, “Why do I feel that there was more to that conversation you had with Ian-dono just now?”

“Ah, did we get caught?” Daigo laughed sheepishly this time. “Well, you see, Ian was helping me out with something. I had a bit of a problem and wasn’t sure how to go on about fixing it. He helped me, so I thanked him. Also because things worked out well.”

“I see. What kind of problem was it, if you don’t mind me asking?” Utsusemimaru pulled out a futon for them for the night.

Smiling, Daigo cupped Utsusemimaru’s cheek and looked at the samurai. “This.” He pressed a gentle kiss on the other’s lips. It was chaste and brief, unlike the ones they had shared before. Full of other emotions, of more guarded and not raw feelings.

Utsusemimaru blinked. Then his face lit up with a smile as well. “I see. I guess I should express my gratefulness to Ian-dono as well.”

“Ah, don’t worry about that. He knows.” Daigo chuckled and then stripped down. “Alright then. Bed? I could use some sleep.”

“As you wish.”


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Feb. 14th, 2016 04:22 pm (UTC)
aaaagh this is so cute! I love how they take what is a teenage party make-out game and introduce it to Ucchi, and then he assumes this is a completely normal thing for warriors to do together, pfffft.

Also apparently Souji is an adorable drunk. And a kiss monster. He and ucchi are definitely kiss monsters and I totally would not mind them making out with whoever from this team, oh man. SPIRIT BASE FOURSOME.

"going from calling me Green Boy to Boy really counts.” LOOOL. poor Souji. Can't even get a proper pet name from his boyfriend.

Jealous type souji oh hiiiiiiiii. Yeah i had no idea how much i wanted that until it was presented to me. Also Daigo/Ian making out, oh man. HOT. I would absolutely watch that. And Daigo being all like, well either's way is fine~ I like all the things.

Pfft Ian helping out leader. NICE.

Souji is going to be SO EMBARRASSED that he rode Ian in front of Ucchi and Daigo. like mortified. I hope Ian enjoyed that because it'll be definitely a little bit before Souji is mad enough to give it up again.

"I'll take care of you, King." HI WHAT. SHIT I DIDN'T WANT THAT AT ALL BEFORE. NOOOO.

Aww Ucchi being a little slow is so cute, though. Daigo doesn't even care, he's fine with whatever. Plus if they do it the first time in front of Souji they might scar him for life XD

Feb. 15th, 2016 08:58 am (UTC)
Ugh these boys! <3 <3 <3 Possessive!Souji was so hot *_*
LOL Ian, so considerate xD
Truth or Dare <3
Nguyễn Ngân
Oct. 21st, 2016 11:55 pm (UTC)
Can I borrow your fic???
Oct. 22nd, 2016 01:45 pm (UTC)
what do you mean by "borrow"?
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